In the last months of the year 2010, (between September to December) friends from Yalewa Zongo began to meet informally to socialize. Friends like being together and the informal meetings continued to expand. Matters or issues that were discussed varied from meeting to meeting. The meetings afforded friends the opportunity to know one another from the Yalewa Zongo community much better. The meetings also became friendly characterized by jokes, stories, social and economic issues that touch on our welfare and survival. Around the 3rd of December 2010, something sad happened that had a deep effect on all of us. One of the members of the informal meeting died. The tragedy was a big blow to all of us as members of the informal meeting. The incident then served as a turning point of this informal gathering.

A dream was born. An idea for financial assistance to the bereaved family was unanimously supported. It was here that one of our friends in the person of Yusif advocated the idea of organizing or transforming the informal gathering into a social club or organization, to formalize it. He suggested that the association would lend one another support in case of need or exigency instead of the present adhoc manner of doing things. Here again, people agreed and accepted this noble idea. So, the informal grouping or gathering eventually transformed into an association officially. It maiden meeting was held around late December 2010 to early January, 2011. There at the meeting it was officially decided that members meet every Friday from 2:00pm to 3:00 pm. The association took off on 7th January, 2011 and a constitution was fashioned out to meet the goals and objectives of the association.

The formal name “Public Helpers” was agreed upon and adopted with the response “Love and Unity” before then but has now been transformed into an organisation. Since the initial gathering of members on an informal nature, membership of the organization has increased. The organization is opened to anybody who shares in its aims and objectives. The organization has helped many people in terms of education, health and many other important aspects of life. The organization has lent its support to students who are unable to attend school due to financial difficulties and also individuals who are unable to get vocational and technical training due to financial difficulties. The organization has also had many commendations from both the government and some private corporations for it overwhelming support to the communities in Ghana.

VISION: To become a nationwide organization that will bring youths in Ghana together with the aim of ensuring a higher standard of living to the less privileged.

MISSION: To improve the quality of life of children, widows and widowers, orphans, the aged and the disabled to develop morally, socially, economically and with unity of purpose within the framework of the constitution of Ghana.